ED24/7 Everyday trouser

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    D24/7 trousers are not only practical for the everyday working environment but also comfortable and stylish. 240gsm fabric ensures they are tough but light enough to retain agility.


    The Everyday Trousers are free of any exposed metals such as zips and buttons making them scratch-free and suitable across all industries.


    Cargo pockets ensure that you have direct access to your tools enabling you to finish the job quickly and easily.


    Using the two-tone colours you can easily match the ED24/7 back to any other item of clothing in the extensive Dickies workwear range.


    • Two hip pockets
    • Button fastening
    • Bottom loading knee pad pockets
    • Velcro fastening cargo pocket
    • Phone pocket
    • Ruler pocket
    • 2 back pockets
    65% polyester, 35% cotton, 240gsm
    Available Sizes
    R – 26” to 46”
    T – 28” to 46”

ED24/7 Everyday trouser




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Product Code Size Quantity
ED24/7-Black-Grey-28R 28R
ED24/7-Black-Red-28R 28R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-28R 28R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-28R 28R
ED24/7-Black-28R 28R
ED24/7-Black-28T 28T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-28T 28T
ED24/7-Black-Red-28T 28T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-28T 28T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-28T 28T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-30S 30S
ED24/7-Black-30R 30R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-30R 30R
ED24/7-Black-Red-30R 30R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-30R 30R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-30R 30R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-30T 30T
ED24/7-Black-Red-30T 30T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-30T 30T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-30T 30T
ED24/7-Black-30T 30T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-32R 32R
ED24/7-Black-Red-32R 32R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-32R 32R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-32R 32R
ED24/7-Black-32R 32R
ED24/7-Black-32T 32T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-32T 32T
ED24/7-Black-Red-32T 32T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-32T 32T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-32T 32T
ED24/7-Black-34R 34R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-34R 34R
ED24/7-Black-Red-34R 34R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-34R 34R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-34R 34R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-34T 34T
ED24/7-Black-Red-34T 34T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-34T 34T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-34T 34T
ED24/7-Black-34T 34T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-36R 36R
ED24/7-Black-Red-36R 36R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-36R 36R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-36R 36R
ED24/7-Black-36R 36R
ED24/7-Black-36T 36T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-36T 36T
ED24/7-Black-Red-36T 36T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-36T 36T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-36T 36T
ED24/7-Black-38R 38R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-38R 38R
ED24/7-Black-Red-38R 38R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-38R 38R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-38R 38R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-38T 38T
ED24/7-Black-Red-38T 38T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-38T 38T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-38T 38T
ED24/7-Black-38T 38T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-40R 40R
ED24/7-Black-Red-40R 40R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-40R 40R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-40R 40R
ED24/7-Black-40R 40R
ED24/7-Black-40T 40T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-40T 40T
ED24/7-Black-Red-40T 40T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-40T 40T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-40T 40T
ED24/7-Black-42R 42R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-42R 42R
ED24/7-Black-Red-42R 42R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-42R 42R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-42R 42R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-42T 42T
ED24/7-Black-Red-42T 42T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-42T 42T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-42T 42T
ED24/7-Black-42T 42T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-44R 44R
ED24/7-Black-Red-44R 44R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-44R 44R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-44R 44R
ED24/7-Black-44R 44R
ED24/7-Black-44T 44T
ED24/7-Black-Grey-44T 44T
ED24/7-Black-Red-44T 44T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-44T 44T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-44T 44T
ED24/7-Black-46S 46S
ED24/7-Black-46R 46R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-46R 46R
ED24/7-Black-Red-46R 46R
ED24/7-Grey-Black-46R 46R
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-46R 46R
ED24/7-Black-Grey-46T 46T
ED24/7-Black-Red-46T 46T
ED24/7-Grey-Black-46T 46T
ED24/7-Khaki-Black-46T 46T
ED24/7-Black-46T 46T



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